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heavy concrete pontoons

Concrete pontoons used for mooring small boats are the "backbone" of the marina. They are safe, firm, durable, and can withstand high loads. During operation the pontoons do not require special maintenance.

Advantages of heavy concrete pontoons:

  • constant height elevation, independent of fluctuations of water level
  • combination of massiveness and buoyancy
  • we can create a marina of any configuration depending of the waters and wishes
  • economic feasibility plus reliability and comfort
  • you can change the configuration of the marina and the number of places for mooring
  • Environmental perfection
  • lifetime of 25 years

Concrete pontoons are made of high quality hydraulic concrete with a special filler and metal reinforcement.

All external steel products subjected to hot galvanizing.

Concrete pontoons attached to the bottom of the waters with chains on the dead anchor.

Pontoons are joined with high-flexible fastenings and have cable channels for laying electric cables and pipelines.

The length of the concrete base 6 - 15 m
The width of the concrete base 2,4 - 3,0 m
The height of the concrete base 0,95 - 1,20 m
The height of elevation 0,45 - 0,60 m
specific weight 1,1 - 1,9 tn/cu. m
permissible load 250 - 500 kg / sq. m
Composition: hydraulic concrete, filler - styrofoam, steel reinforcement

Optional accessories: mooring fingers, bollards, wooden deck, ladders, power lines, pipelines, service column with water dispensing taps and electrical connectors.

Mooring is possible as directly to the pontoons and so to the mooring fingers of any sizes mounted perpendicularly, what allows organize moorage properly.

Heavy concrete pontoon Heavy concrete pontoon with a wooden deck
Quays of the heavy pontoon
Name dimensions  l,w,h freeboard height, m displacement light/total, kg Capacity, tn
Pontoon 609 6,0x2,4x0,95 0,45 6000/7000 1,00
Pontoon 612 6,0x2,4x1,20 0,57 7000/8000 1,00
Pontoon 909 9,0x2,4x0,95 0,45 9000/10400 1,40
Pontoon 912 9,0x2,4x1,20 0,56 10000/11400 1,40
Pontoon1209 12,0x2,4x0,95 0,45 12000/14000 2,00
Pontoon 1212 12,0x2,4x1,20 0,56 14000/16400 2,40
Pontoon12309 12,0x3,0x0,95 0,46 15000/17000 2,00
Pontoon 12312 12,0x3,0x1,20 0,58 17000/19500 2,50
Pontoon 1509 15,0x2,4x0,95 0,45 15000/17200 2,20
Pontoon 1512 15,0x2,4x1,20 0,56 18000/20600 2,60
Pontoon 15309 15,0x3,0x0,95 0,46 19000/21400 2,40
Pontoon 15312 15,0x3,0x1,20 0,58 21000/23600 2,60
Pontoon dimensions (length and width) are indicated excluding fender width


Name dimensions, m
fender (pine) BP12 0,07x0,14x12
fender (pine) ВР15 0,07x0,14x15
fender (Larch) BL12 0,07x0,14x12
fender (Larch) BL15 0,07x0,14x15
End fender BL2,7 0,07x0,14x2,7
End fender BL3,3 0,07x0,14x3,3


Pontoons joining System
Name dimensions, m
Pontoons joining System US 24“ 22,5
onboard pontoons joining system pc.
rubber stopper RL200 pc.
rubber stopper RL 200 rope buckle 22.5mm