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lightweight concrete pontoons


Berth on lightweight concrete pontoons with wooden flooring is used for mooring small boats. It consists of a sturdy framework joining the lightweight concrete pontoons.  The top of the frame is covered with decking of larch or pine. The construction is fixed to the ground with chains and concrete anchors.

Benefits of berths on lightweight concrete pontoons:
  • High stability
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Economic feasibility plus reliability
  • Ease of installation and delivery
  • Possibility of creating a berth of any configuration and length according to the waters and the wishes of the customer.
  • Lifetime 25 years

Optional accessories: mooring fingers, bollards, cable channels for the supply of electricity and water, ladders, service column with water taps and the connectors.

Berths on concrete pontoons can be successfully used as a basis to create floating structures of the various applications.

Floating constructions for various purposes:
Our wooden berth on the lightweight concrete pontoons is an ideal and indispensable foundation for creating a wide variety of floating structures:
  • terraces
  • cafes and restaurants
  • bath-houses
  • houses
  • swimming baths
  • private berths
  • crossings, bridges, etc.

The company "PONTON" provides both commercial and purely private projects.

Light pontoons
Width 2x2,4 - 2,4x3 meters
The height of elevation 0.5 - 0.6 meters
Composition of light pontoon hydraulic concrete, polystyrene foam filler, steel reinforcement
Frame Larch or pine, metal
Flooring larch, pine, composite board

Berths for lightweight concrete pontoons
Name dimensions  l,w,h freeboard height, m displacement light/total, kg Capacity, tn
Lightweight concrete pontoon М224 2,4x2,0x0,70 0,40 1200/1800 0,60
Lightweight concrete pontoon М324 3,0x2,4x0,70 0,47 1800/2500 0,70


Decks for lightweight concrete pontoons
Name dimensions,  m
Deck 2,0х6,0
Deck 2,0x8,0
Deck 2,0x10,0
Deck 2,0x12,0
Deck 2,4х6,0
Deck 2,4х8,0
Deck 2,4х10,0
Deck 2,4х12,0
Fixing system angled -
Bolts -
Connection system of wooden berths -
Lightweight concrete pontoon
Fixing system angled

The configuration and size of a deck can be made on request.