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Concrete pontoon breakwater underwater part has a special shape, which extinguishes strong waves. It is designed to protect the marina and equipped with cable channels laid for the construction of electrical supply lines, lighting, and water supply. Fasten by dead anchors on powerful chains. Breakwaters are connected with flexible high-strength fasteners. Breakwater can also be used as a pontoon berth

Breakwaters 15318
Dimensions l,w,h: 15,0x3,0x1,80 (Length and width are indicated excluding fender width)
Freeboard height, m: 0,58
Displacement light/total, kg: 27000/29000
Capacity, tn: 2
 Breakwaters 15318


Name Dimensions,m
Fender (pine) BP 15 15x2 pc.
Fender (larch) BL 15 15x2 pc.